Growing up!

Hazel and Gracie puppies are growing up so fast. They are getting more confident in their exploring abilities and really venturing out. It was so cute when they were out playing the other day and “Aunt” Hope decided to join the fun!


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2 Responses to Growing up!

  1. karen beaver says:

    I’ve been noticing the toys the pups play with – similar to the ones the grandkids used to play with – guess I’m sorry I’ve gotten rid of some of them – the learning type toys are something I used with our Cavalier and they were some of her favorites – will have to research some new ones.

    • A lot of them are children’s toys I have picked up at the second-hand store 🙂 A lot are only good for young puppies as they are made to be chewed on by big, sharp teeth 😉

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