Okay, weird story. Something that’s never happened before. I drove to Spokane Sunday with four clean, fluffy Cavapoo puppies to hand them over to their new families. And one “parent” didn’t show up! No response from my messages or emails either. I hope they’re okay. But I have no way of knowing what happened to them unless they eventually reach out to me.

So I guess for now I have a new dog. And Sunday just turned into a great training day as she drove around with me, visited my kid’s yard and met the Boxer (grand-dog) which she had no fear of, used her litter box in the back of the truck, chewed on her bully stick, ate lunch in her crate and when when we arrived back home she romped around outside with the Poodle and the Aussie pups, then came inside and snuggled with me.

At this point, I’ve just decided to keep her. I know, maybe I’m being selfish because we have tons of people on the list that would adopt her in a heartbeat. But we have so many requests for red/apricot Cavapoos and I have a several adults that are retiring, so I just consider this a blessing in disguise. Hopefully someday she will be a great mom like her mom and her grandma and have some beautiful red, apricot and possibly blenheim F1b Cavapoos. And in the meantime, I’m going to have bundles of fun with her and enjoy her snuggles.

The other three families came and went with their new babies. We met outside and practiced our social distancing and tried to keep the meeting a little shorter. It was a bit cold and windy in Spokane that day.


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14 Responses to Leftovers

  1. Diana Vigneau says:

    As I would say, it was meant to be…

  2. Didi Dame says:

    You are lucky to have the gorgeous pup – it was meant to be!

  3. Dawn Burgess says:

    So sweet! You’ll have to let us know when she has a name!

  4. Katharine Harding says:

    We got Philia from another breeder because the people who bought her never came to get her! Lucky us! It was meant to be. Now Toby adores his older “sister” and she is becoming more and more fond of him.

  5. JOAN SPEAR says:

    Hi Jennifer-

    This reminds me of Yule/Yoshi’s story! And just this last week, Jonah, my son in Seattle, asked how to get on your waiting list. He is ready- at any time to hop in his car and come pick up a lil puppy. We are in Connecticut for time being. He helped raise Yoshi when we were in Seattle. Hope all is well with you and that the family that didn’t show up is okay!! Be safe and be well,

    Joan (and Greta)


  6. Amina Wolf says:

    wow. I hope the people who did not show up are ok.

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