Another update on not one but two Pinewood pups!

“If anyone asks, two Pinewood cavapoos are definitely better than one.  Nessie (Rosie and Clancy) joined Georgia (Precious from Jules & Clancy, October 3, 2017) on June 30 last year and life hasn’t been the same since!  They bonded from day one and are rarely apart. They spend their days taking walks, napping, fighting and playing as only sisters can. Everyone who meets them is charmed by their friendly personalities and adorable looks.

Nessie turns one today and weighs in at a whopping 7 pounds compared to Georgia at 14 pounds. Nessie is tiny, but is usually the alpha.  She attended basic obedience and won the challenge of sitting and staying while I “decorated” her without breaking her stay.

Thanks for raising such adorable pups!

Kathy S”

P.S. I am not aware of any other Pinewood pup that ended up this small! (It’s those sneaky Poodle genes again!) 😉

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6 Responses to Pupdate

  1. Ivie (“Thistle” – Nessie’s sister) weighs 9 pounds! We’ve actually wondered how big Nessie ended up, since she was tiny. I’ll send an update soon with birthday pictures! 🙂 -Beth

  2. Amanda says:

    Bear (also of Rosie and Clancy, but a year older) also weighs in at 7lbs!

  3. Laura M. says:

    Our Pinewood pup has Clancy for a dad, but Gracie for her mom. She is 8.5 months old and is around 19 pounds!

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