I just wanted to let everyone know that we have closed our Aussalier waiting list for a while. We have been getting oodles of Aussalier applications recently (yes, the Cavapoo waiting list is closed, but we left the Aussalier one open) probably thanks to “Rona” and everyone being home so much.

We love all the interest in this unique “breed” and would love to keep the list going but I feel we shouldn’t let it get so big since we only have a few puppies each year.

We probably will not reopen it until after our next Aussalier litter is born and matched with their forever families (which will probably be fall/winter of this year).

Oakley and I thank you for your interest in her puppies <3

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  1. Shelley Blair says:

    I am so happy that I made that wait list!

    Cheers and enjoy the weather, Shelley


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