Exciting puppy news

This weekend we did two more ultrasounds and confirmed we have two more litters coming in May!

You already knew about Sky and Dickens’ litter that we announced a  couple weeks ago. Well, this weekend we also confirmed that Raven (our tricolor Cavapoo) and Smudgie (a black and tan Cavalier) are both pregnant.

Smudgie was bred to Sundae so these pups will be similar to Glory’s current litter. Glory and Smudgie are litter mate sisters and both their litters are by Sundae. Smudgie’s last litter was one ginormous blond puppy. We are going to try to get an x-ray scheduled with our vet so we have a puppy count ahead of time this time around. I don’t want any surprises!

Raven is “baking” her first ever litter! And this will be our second F1b Cavapoo litter. She was bred to Rumor our black phantom Poodle. I’m no rocket scientist, but I’m pretty sure all of these puppies will be black and tan or tricolor. Even though they are similar in color, I decided to use Rumor since he is our smallest Poodle and Raven is a smaller Cavapoo.


These two girls are due about two weeks after Sky.

Some might wonder why we have three litters so close together? Well, the girls around here tend to cycle together or very close; one after another. Which of course places two or three litters in close proximity age-wise. It’s not ideal, but unfortunately when we ask them to spread things out a bit, they don’t listen! ๐Ÿ˜‰

And along that line, if you looked at my planner calendar you would see that just as our current pups are going home, the next litters are scheduled to be born! Sky’s are due the week that Hazel and Gracie’s go home. And Raven and Smudgie’s are due about the time Glory’s go home. As long as they don’t decide to give birth on a puppy matching day! If that ever happens, I might have my hubby delivering pups to Spokane instead of me. We’ll see how things go as we get closer to our Puppy Delivery days!

As with our other litters, if you are on our waiting list and interested in any of these litters please contact me AFTER the litter is born. That way we know what we have (color and gender-wise).

Thanks for joining us on this journey!

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12 Responses to Exciting puppy news

  1. Christina Wright says:

    This is exciting news!

    How can we get on your waiting list? Thank you!

    Christina Wright


    • I agree! Our waiting list is currently closed. You are welcome to sign up for email notifications from the blog/website so you don’t miss any news or announcements about when we reopen though. Just hit the “FOLLOW” button under the Pinewood Pups album on the right of the post.

  2. Didi Dame says:

    Go little Raven!!! Maybe my baby will be in there?!?!? Xx Didi

  3. Nathalie Levasseur says:

    Hi I have joined your newsletter recently and I have enjoyed watching your posts. I am hoping to join your waiting list when it becomes open again… I am looking forward to be at the next stage and start hoping for a puppy. Do you maybe have a time in mind of when you will open registration for the waiting list again?

    Thank you so much Nathalie

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Thank you for signing up. I will definitely post on the blog when we reopen. I don’t have a definite date to reopen. I would guess in about a month, but we’ll see how things go

  4. Julie Kruger says:

    So exciting! We’re looking forward to seeing the new puppies.

  5. karen beaver says:

    Wow great news – can’t wait to see the new arrivals

  6. Destanee & Josh says:

    We are so excited! Weโ€™re broadening our color preferences and canโ€™t wait to see what puppies they have!

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