Puppy delivery day differences

Thankfully puppy delivery day is still the best day ever! It has changed a bit with our current world situation, so there are no hugs, no handshakes, everyone is paying their puppy balance ahead of time so there’s less contact, we only met two families at a time so we can “social distance” and we stand outside instead of meeting as a big group in our usual meeting room at the Wingate. But it’s still the best day ever!

I love handing over a cute, fluffy puppy to their anxiously awaiting, happy new family. There are so many smiles on puppy delivery day.

Puppies got an early wake up call this morning so they could get some breakfast before we headed out. Later they went outside to potty while the truck warmed up. And then we headed out.

You can only go north or south once you hit the main road and either direction is windy. And then I forgot to put the food and water dishes in the truck so when I got to the bottom of our hill (and the end of our private road) I had to turn around and travel the bumpy path a second time. They were troopers and even after all the going up and down the driveway and then down the windy country road, not a single one got carsick! Whew!

We made it safely to Spokane ahead of our first meeting time so the puppies had time to get out, have a snack, get a drink, stretch their legs and go potty.

And then it was time to meet our first two families.

First it was Mandarin, now Charli and Zebra, now Lily’s turn.

Then it was time for Lemon, now Breaker and Orca, now Zoe’s turn.

Then Penguin, now Sanji and Orange, now Tira’s turn.

And last but not least we met Tangerine, now Juno and Panda, (still Panda) and their families.

So much fun happiness in one day!

Happy life puppies! 😀


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16 Responses to Puppy delivery day differences

  1. Mylynn says:

    I love this. How sweet.

  2. Deirdre Dame says:

    So many happy faces ! I can’t wait for my turn❤️

  3. Christina says:

    What a great day! 😍🎉👍

  4. Kari Pope says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    Panda and I made it home safely. Thank you so much for the bag of toys and info! She loves that brown wolf toy and dragged it around our kitchen. It was so funny because she astutely got in her litter box but her bum was hanging out the side so she peed straight on the floor. She took a break, went back in and did the same thing but pooped on the floor. She was so close. We were happy she finally relieved herself and mostly in the right vicinity.

    Thanks for sharing the pics below. So happy to have her home and to know that she was so loved and well taken care of.

    Best, Kari


  5. Awwww, happy tears! Thank you for sharing!! Hugs, Patt and Alan Hoffen

  6. karen beaver says:

    congrats to the new puppy owners.

  7. Petrina says:

    What wonderful photos of joy and love. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Judy Taormina says:

    I found you site in March this year. Of course I was late sending my Deposit! (By two days 🤪.

    I was one of “those people” that filled out a application 😊NOT on wait list. Sorry!

    Since finding your site and blog I was thrilled with all I’ve read & learned!

    First: I love the PUPPY MATCH DAY! You give plenty of notice to the group to look pick and choose a puppy! If you really want a puppy from Pinewood your following! I even had a first – four choice!! LOL

    NEXT: even after puppies were matched you continued to show puppies and daily activities!!

    The lucky people that get to adopt a new family member plus all of US who follow took the journey each day! It’s been fun!

    Just wanted to thank you! With this SIP NOTHING better to see happy puppies grow up loved until they are matched to their new home. You do an amazing Job!!

    Take care Judy Taormina

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