Where’s my groomer?

I was all excited a few months ago to find that local groomer and check one chore off my list. And now, well, you know the story. We are all back to grooming our own dogs (some people for the first time).

First on my list was this hairy beast peeking in the back door! Sky looks like a sheep that needs shearing. And since she’s due any day, it is time to give her the beauty treatment. So into the bath she went! It’s amazing how dirty a country dog can get.

Once she was dry it was time for the haircut. Unfortunately, my clippers would only go through parts of her hair. She’s got really “floofy” hair, kind of cottony and sometimes her hair and the blade do not cooperate together. So I basically had to hand scissor the whole dog which took twice as long and looks twice as bad as normal! 😛

Oh well! At least she’s clean and her hair is short and ready for babies!

And now we wait…..

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2 Responses to Where’s my groomer?

  1. ahuva hammer says:

    Hey you are amazing dont be so hard on yourself, she actually looks beautiful, good luck is this you first litter of fib cavapoos, looking forward to seeing them

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