More, please!

We did another ultrasound on the last girl that was bred last month and have confirmed another pregnancy! Yippee!

This is Amber our Allie and Clancy daughter bred to Dickens for F1 Cavapoos. These should be all apricot of various shades, although there could be a red possibly. We’ll see!

She is due around the first week of June. It looks like we’re going to have a busy summer!

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7 Responses to More, please!

  1. Rhonda Stiffarm says:

    Congratulations 💜

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  2. Destanee & Josh Herr says:

    Soooooooo exciting!!! I wonder if this is our litter.

  3. karen beaver says:

    Wow great news – can’t wait to see the pups

  4. rtreger says:

    Wow, how wonderful.

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