Things don’t always go as we hope

As suspected the other day, Smudgie was in pre-labor. Dogs will sometimes go into nesting mode before they go into actual labor. Smudgie was nesting on and off for about 24 hours, digging in her bed and after I switched it out for some newspaper she went to town ripping and shredding that.

I had hoped Tuesday, as the day progressed, that she would go into active labor and have the babies. But no, instead we had a restless night of waiting. Finally in the wee hours of the morning things started happening.

The first pup arrived with no issues, fat and sassy. Unfortunately, the next two did not fair so well. Both were bigger than the first puppy (they were all 8+ ounces), came out breech and got stuck. I had the unpleasant job of pulling them as mom tried to deliver. I’m sure it was very painful and uncomfortable for poor Smudgie, but I had to get the pups out.

Sadly, the first one was already gone by the time I got it out and the last one I was not able to revive even with considerable effort. I felt so bad for poor Smudige.

Sometimes this job is hard.

At least she has one healthy puppy to mother. I’m grateful for that.  <3

It’s a girl by the way.

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31 Responses to Things don’t always go as we hope

  1. Mylynn says:

    She’s a good mama and did as well as her body would let her. Thank you for helping her. It’s definitely not always rainbows and sunshines.

  2. Julie Kruger says:

    I’m so sorry, it must be so hard when this happens. I’m glad she had one baby to care for.

  3. jonnastar6 says:

    So, so sorry for you losses.  Smudgie is gorgeous and so is her new baby girl.  Smudgie was just lucky to have you there to help…. Thanks for sharing all that you do…. Claudia

  4. D. Murray says:

    So sorry to hear this.

  5. Judy Chambers says:

    Your work is so challenging and, sometimes, heartbreaking. I’m glad there’s also so much joy!

  6. Oh I’m sure that made for a long night that felt very discouraging:(.

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  7. Mary Yerxa says:

    So very sad to hear and difficult for you. Glad to hear Smudgie is ok and that you were there to help her.

  8. hdblackwell says:

    I grew up on a dairy farm and at least once a year we would have a calf that didn’t make it. It never was easy…but still reminded me that life is beautiful and precious.

  9. Destanee says:

    All the extra snuggles for Smudgie! I hope she’s adjusting well and I’m sure that was a long night. Thanks for all you do.

  10. Amina wolf says:

    Poor Smudgie. Beautiful baby though.

  11. Cathy Husen says:

    So sorry you all had to go through such a trauma.

  12. God bless you Jennifer. So sad for you and Smudgie. You’re amazing and I’m sure Smudgie is grateful for all the love and compassion you give her. What an adorable little girl, so precious. Hugs and Love, Patt Hoffen

  13. Didi says:

    Dear Smudgie so happy she has a baby to nurse and love ! Hope she feels better ❤️

  14. Dannygirl3 says:

    So so sad to hear this. I can only imagine the emotions you had while trying to save the pups.

  15. Mickey says:

    I am so sorry.

    Mickey Stein


  16. Diana Vigneau says:


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