Stan the man

Stanley has been having fun!

I was out doing chores one morning and looked up to see hubby checking the water tank he set up to catch rain water. (No point in wasting rain water so we’re using it to water the horses, chickens and garden). Look who he brought along to “help”.

And then hubby decided to take Stanley on his morning walk. Lucky Stanley got to ride instead of walk. (The walk would’ve been too long for a young puppy anyway).

Into the pack he went!

Back from their walk.

And into the ex-pen for a potty break.

He also got to explore the garden more and it looks like he received his pilot’s license. Look at those those “wings”. hehe

He’s also learning how to hang out in the kitchen while I work in the dining room. And to be content about it. He complains for a while then realizes it’s not getting him anywhere so he quiets down.

We also went to help work on the fence line. Well, I helped while Stanley sniffed, explored, and wrapped himself up in the leash and around my legs! It was wet and rainy but he didn’t care one bit!

And then he wanted to go say hello to big Ben.

Stay tuned for more Stanley adventures!

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10 Responses to Stan the man

  1. myerxa says:

    Love the photos and your husband’s front pack! Is it designed for puppies and if so where could we find one for our puppy?

    • It’s actually a hydration water pack that goes on the back. He just pulled the water pouch out and wears it on the front. But there are puppy front packs if you search online👍

  2. mary yerxa says:

    Thanks ~ love how your husband re-purposed his water pouch 🙂

  3. Heidi Massey says:

    This is one of the cutest things I’ve seen all week. Stanley is one lucky puppy.💙 Yiu and your husband did amazing work with all the animals.

  4. didi says:

    How can you stand to let Stanley go?

  5. karen beaver says:

    Stanley looks like he’s having a great time doesn’t seem to miss his litter mates too much –

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