All the puppies

All of the current babies are doing great!

Today Sky’s pups turn three weeks old (stay tuned for new pictures and names!) They are started to toddle/crawl and interact with each other. They’re not really interested in toys yet. Mom is still their favorite “thing”. Soon we will move them to the small puppy pen and introduce them to the UgoDog litter box.

Next in line are Raven’s pups who are eleven days old. Their eyes and ears are not even open yet. They crawl around their bed to find each other and mom. They are small like their mom but gaining weight steadily.

Raven likes to drag hooves, antlers and other chew toys back to her crate 😉

And lastly, we have Smudgie’s singleton girl. She is doing super and so is Smudgie. I’m sure animals grieve, but she seemed to adjust quickly and got busy taking care of her one puppy. She’s her happy, tail-wagging self! And her puppy is quite the little sausage since she has all that milk to herself. She is a week old tomorrow.

And in another week or so we should be welcoming Amber’s litter. That will give us a full house for a while and keep us plenty busy! Having the litters spread out a bit makes things nice as they will each be hitting different stages at different times.

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7 Responses to All the puppies

  1. OHHHHHH! SO SO CUTE!!! I will love watching them grow on your blog!

    Any room on the waitlist yet?

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  2. Destanee & josh says:

    Hi sweet pups!
    We have our eye on one of you 🤞🏻😉

  3. karen beaver says:

    Beautiful pups

  4. Julie Olson says:


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