They’ve graduated

Sky and her puppies have graduated to the next step in puppy hood, the puppy pen. It was time they moved into bigger quarters. The pups are still at the crawling/toddling stage, but it won’t be long and they’ll really be up and about more.

The small puppy pen works great for this transition time. They have a large fleecy bed that takes up about half of the puppy pen. And the other half is almost filled with the UgoDog (a commercial litter box system).

I like using the UgoDog as their first litter box. It is flat and when they move off their bed to potty (something dogs naturally do as they don’t (usually) want to soil their sleeping area) they crawl right across to the UgoDog. It works great! Later we’ll present the other litter box to them.

And now is the perfect time to start introducing different toys to them also.

I think Sky likes her new house 🙂

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