Date changes and puppy matching reminder

Just a reminder to everyone on our waiting list that this coming Sunday, June 14th we will be start in the morning making phone calls to match Sky’s puppies!

Also, I have decided to change their Puppy Delivery Day from Sunday, July 5th to the following Sunday, July 12th. Why? Well, my kids have the fourth off and I’d really like to to spend it with them instead of getting puppies prepared to leave early the next day.  I hope that doesn’t mess up plans for anyone…. :/

Puppy Matching Days are usually always on Sunday, but looking forward toward July, Amber’s puppy matching day should fall on Sunday, July 12th, but that is when we’ve scheduled Sky’s pups to go home. I can’t do both on the same day. So here are our options, we can either do phone calls to match puppies on Sunday, July 5th (that’s much easier than getting ready and delivering puppies on that day) or Friday, July 10th. If you are on Amber’s list or plan on being on it (especially if you’re higher up on the main list and more likely to be matched with a puppy) please let me know if either one is better or if both work for you.

Currently these are the names of people that have reached out to me that are interested in Sky’s puppies. Unfortunately, if you are one of our Canadian adopters, we will not be able to match you with one of these puppies since the border is still closed. (Sorry, I can’t make another Stanley trip) 😉 Or if you’re in another state and aren’t able to travel, please let me know and I will remove you from this list.

Anybody that is on our main waiting list can email me if they’d like to be added as “interested” in Sky’s puppies. I will take names up until 8 pm Saturday night  (Pacific Time).

  • Emily A
  • Travis F
  • Holly L
  • Diana D
  • Naomi P
  • Abigail D
  • Katrina G
  • Rochelle T
  • Clare S
  • Tanya T
  • Abby S
  • Enny K
  • Heather B
  • Danielle P
  • Joan S
  • Nolan A
  • Mary S
  • Amanda S
  • Christy B
  • Cristina W
  • Brenda G
  • Gundrun S
  • Bonnie C
  • Barbara W
  • Jim B
  • Amina W
  • Julie K

The boys; Taco & Chip (@ 5 weeks Taco is 3# 3oz and Chip is 3#.)

The girls; Queso & Salsa (@ 5 weeks Queso is 2# 8 oz, Salsa is 2# 12 oz)

I will be posting more pictures and videos of this litter this week leading up to their Puppy Matching Day. 🙂

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24 Responses to Date changes and puppy matching reminder

  1. Helena Melmet says:

    Helena Melmet we want 2 but will start with 1.

  2. bonniecampbellavery says:

    Any day is OK with me. And I very much want to be on every list. Thanks.
    Bonnie Campbell

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  3. Ray Humiston says:

    These puppies are adorable! Please try to get me on your list 🙂

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  4. hdblackwell says:

    Thanks for the update! Either day works for us.

  5. Jim & Peggy Holmaas says:

    Which one(s) do you want?


  6. Jim & Peggy Holmaas says:

    Jennifer, please disregard the email from a few seconds ago – my fault!

    Jim Holmaas


  7. T&J Vandell says:

    Oooo that is a long list Dang

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  8. Destanee & Josh says:

    Exciting update! I’m glad you will be able to have some family time on the fourth! I think we’re torn between raven & Amber pups 😬🤞🏻

  9. Abby S. says:

    Sunday July 5th would work better for me since I work on Fridays. Thanks!

  10. Judy Ridge says:

    Hi. I was wondering what I needed to do to apply for a puppy. I would love to get on a waiting list.

    Thank you, Judy Ridge 208-750-6482

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    • Hi Judy, Thank you for reaching out. Our waiting list is currently closed. If you’d like you can go to our website and sign up for email notifications so you don’t miss any news or announcements about when it reopens and we are accepting applications again please visit and hit the “FOLLOW” button on the right-hand side under the Pinewood Pups photo album. Thank you

  11. Love these. Please put me on your list

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