Moves and adjustments

It was time to mix things up and bit!

A couple days ago, I moved Raven and her babies into the small puppy pen. They were due for a bigger home (even though Raven and her babies are on the smaller side and don’t take up much room). It was also time to introduce them to their first litter box.

I then moved Amber and her babies into the big crate that Raven had been in since it seemed a bit larger then the one she’d been in.

So that opened up a bigger house for Smudgie and her puppy. The two of them don’t take up a lot of room yet either, but I’m sure they appreciated the extra space.

Sky and her babies are still in the other small puppy pen. But I did switch them from the UgoDog tray system to a cut down plastic litter box with the wood pellets. And when I do that, I switch their bed from the wooly one to the fuzzy blanket since the blanket is easier to get wood pellets off of. Because I know, between Sky and her puppies, those wood pellets will be everywhere soon!

It won’t be long until Smudgie and her singleton will be moved into Sky’s small puppy pen and introduced to the UgoDog litter box. At that time, Sky’s puppies will be ready for the bigger puppy pen and more space.

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  1. Jerda Smeltzer says:

    So much wonderful cuteness!!! You are about to infuse some amazing joy into the lives of some lucky people! Such beautiful puppies. I love the way you share about them daily.

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