Moving again

It was time. Time to move Sky and her kiddos to a larger home. So today they were moved upstairs to the puppy room. Their puppy pen is bigger and they now have a crate to start sleeping in.

“What do you think? Should we make a run for it?”

Mom is still there favorite “thing”.

The puppy room has lots of room to run around in, plus they will come downstairs to play and interact too.

And that opened up the smaller puppy pen downstairs for Smudgie and Charity to move into. Charity might feel lost at first with all that room, but she’ll be exploring it soon. And now she has her own bathroom too. 😉 And she has Clifford the Big Red Dog for company.

Checking out her new home.

Awww….I think they approve!❤️


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  1. karen beaver says:

    Smudge and her pup are so cute sleeping together

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