Puppy playroom

Sky’s puppies have taken over the puppy room aka puppy play room! Well, not completely, but they are enjoying their new little play area. I like to start with a small area and lots of litter boxes available when they start playing upstairs. We want to give them the best advantage for making good choices with their potty habits.  This litter has done exceptionally well with learning about and using their litter box!

“Let’s go explore!”

Good girl, Queso!

A future chef, maybe? 😉

Chip, can you be any cuter?!❤️

He was actually hitting the keys more than once.

Another piano prodigy?

Taco wanted to see the camera up close. 😉

Salsa, you look guilty. 😂

Nose kiss!

Snuggles the snake is always a favorite snuggle spot!


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4 Responses to Puppy playroom

  1. kk75 says:

    Beautiful photos! They’re so photogenic 🥰!

  2. Jerda Smeltzer says:

    These posts are such a blessing! Very much a bright spot in the day and a huge dose of cuteness!

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