Taco anyone?

Well, Taco is looking for a new family. His family has decided not to get a puppy at this time. We didn’t really go into the “whys”.

He is an adorable, happy-go-lucky guy looking for his new forever home. <3

He is available ONLY to someone on my waiting list. Please do not reach out if you are not already on our waiting list at this time. But if you are on the list, are interested in being matched with Taco and can meet me in Spokane on Sunday, July 12th, please email me. (Do not respond on the blog post or the Facebook post. Please email me on the original email thread I sent you when I accepted your application if at all possible.)

I’m sure we will get several people responding, so he will be matched with the person who is highest on the list (or the best fit for him).

I’d like to get him matched today, because whoever gets him is not going to have a lot of time to prepare and I’d like to give them as much time as possible. I’ll make the announcement about who he has been matched with at 8 pm tonight (Pacific time).

Thank everyone!

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13 Responses to Taco anyone?

  1. Rebecca Escobar says:

    Hoping a perfect match is made quickly with the best family for that sweet guy! 🖤

  2. Heidi Massey says:

    He’s just beautiful!!! Some lucky family will be overjoyed to take him.💙

  3. kk75 says:

    Oh, I can only dream and wish!!!..and wait my turn.🥰

  4. Tomoko says:

    I Wish I’m on the waiting list! So adorable.

  5. Christina L Stewart says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    I’d love to adopt Taco! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I am high enough up on the list!

  6. Abby Schoonover says:

    I am interested. Do you know what time the pick up would be on the 12th?

  7. Claudia Knauss says:

    I have every confidence that taco will find a forever home that was meant to be blessed by adding to their family. Can you remind us those of us who are waiting for the list to reopen how we will know when that time comes?

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