The big “kids”

I can’t believe we’re starting our last week with Sky’s puppies. Where has the time gone? They’ve really been a great batch of puppies. They are good little eaters, really using the litter box well, and just happy and playful.

I set up a bigger area in the garden for the romps outside.

They enjoy playing in the kitchen too and “visiting” with Auntie Hope through the gate.

They’re good at naps too. 😉

And practicing sleeping and eating in their crates. Good puppies!

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6 Responses to The big “kids”

  1. kk75 says:

    The ‘adorableness’ is just over-the-top!! I love the photos of the pups looking up at you..the love shines right through their eyes and into the camera. Wonderful!

  2. Diane Jameson says:

    So precious! I’m feeling so impatient to garner a spot on the waiting list.

  3. Jerda Smeltzer says:

    Just little furry bundles of joy those pups are! I’m going to miss seeing their beaming faces on your posts. They are going to be SO loved by their forever families.

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