Tuesday’s trip

Tuesday was the puppies trip to the vet for their check-ups. It’s almost time for them to go home!

Someone once suggested that I put the pups in a crate on the floor of my car (truck actually) to get them used to the noise and vibration should they be flying home with their new family. But is anyone has every ridden in an older model Dodge truck they’ll know that there is plenty of noise and vibration riding anywhere inside! Bhahaha!

Little travelers in the back seat.

Potty break at the vet’s. The had their check-ups and passed with flying colors. Now it’s time to load up and head back home.

The bathroom is full!

It was a long day but the puppies did well. And they got a lot of travel and crate practice.

Since my bestie lives an hour+ from me, we try to meet in town when we can to visit. So we grabbed a cold drink, parked in the shade to visit and let the puppies have some play/potty time in their mobile yard (aka my truck bed).

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4 Responses to Tuesday’s trip

  1. Cathy Husen says:

    They’re troopers!! Cute troopers!

  2. Jenise Smith says:

    These photos make me smile!! Lovely chatting with you today. I’ll wait and follow the blog!

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