Wild child

Yep, she’s a wild thang! But as most people know, the Australian Shepherd was bred to be a working/herding dog so they have to have energy to go all day. And even though the Aussie has been bred down to toy and mini size from the original size, they are still all Aussie just in smaller package.

This one keeps us on our toes!

Yes, that’s Cajsa’s tail in her mouth! 🤦‍♀️

“Hey, that’s enough, kid!”

She absolutely loves Cajsa! Every single time I take her out to go potty she heads straight for her “best friend” and starts jumping up on her. Cajsa is super good with her and even plays pretty rough, knocking Quinn over with her big paw. Quinn doesn’t mind a bit and comes back for more.

Poor Hope!

And you all know how much Hope loves the babies and how patient she is with them? Well, she only puts up with just a little bit from this little rascal and then she says, “that’s enough!” in dog language. Then I separate the two so Hopie has some peace and quiet. The puppy does not give up easily!

So she’s slowly learning the ropes and how to be a good girl. 🙂


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  1. karen beaver says:

    wow this pup has some energy – love the interaction – she’s not afraid of anything and she’s really cute –

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