Puppy matching day is almost upon us!

This Sunday we will be matching Joy’s four little “nuts” 😉 as planned. This is the list of people that I have down from our main Cavapoo waiting list that have reached out as interested in this litter. There is still time to email me if you are on our Cavapoo waiting list and interested in the litter or I forgot to add your name! That means you need to be available for a phone call on Sunday and be able to meet in Spokane to pick up your puppy on Sunday, October 4th (This invitation is only for those who are already on our Cavapoo list. These puppies are not available to the general public, sorry).

Also, not to discourage anyone, but these are the most popular color so I imagine I won’t be past the first few people before the four pups are matched. But stranger things have happened, so if you are interested please let me know via email (do not respond on this post if you’re interested).

These people are in order as they are on the main waiting list. So if you are in the top four please expect a phone call and make sure I have the phone number you’d like me to reach you at. If you think you will be unavailable to take a call Sunday morning, then please email me with that information and a list of your favorite puppies in order.

  • Sabine B
  • Jee Soo H
  • Tasha B
  • Soo K
  • Christy B
  • Abigail & Conner D
  • Enny K
  • Susan & Paul Z
  • James & Mary S
  • Karen B
  • Bonnie C
  • Naomi P
  • Jenn T
  • Marissa E
  • Julie K
  • Emily G
  • Holly L
  • Katrina G

The puppies pictures are posted in their album for you to look at ahead of time and there are some videos on our YouTube channel. Please look them over and talk things over with your family before Sunday so our puppy matching can go smoothly.

Thanks so much!

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  1. Diane F. Jameson says:

    I thought I was coming up for this litter. Perhaps my mistake. Where am I on your list? Thanks.
    Diane Jameson

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