A smokey delivery

Sunday was our Puppy Delivery Day for Oakley’s Aussalier puppies. But Saturday night was the time to finish last minute preparations, pack the truck and bathe the puppies.

All clean!

Then it was up early Sunday to give the puppies time to have an early breakfast and do chores before hitting the road.

I’ll be honest, I love Puppy Delivery Day; meeting all the excited families and handing them their highly anticipated and longed for puppy, but with our nearby fire, I really didn’t want to leave home.

Thankfully, the team overseeing the fire gives an update each morning and I was able to see enough to feel pretty safe leaving hubby behind with all the animals. (I did leave him my best friend’s phone number just in case.)

The PNW is smoke-filled right now and our drive to Spokane was no different. Some of our puppy families mentioned later that where they came from (the coast and one from OR) it was worse at their homes then in Spokane. Yuck!

Once the puppies and I arrived in Spokane, they all got some free time in the back of the truck to stretch their legs, go potty and get something to eat and drink. (For anyone concerned, the puppies DO NOT ride in the back of my truck. They ride inside, in a crate. The bed of the truck is their “exercise yard” once we have reached our destination).

Potty break once we arrived. The bed of the truck is dirty from the dust/smoke.

We also had another one of our adult dogs leaving for a new home. This is Finn. He is the son of Reba and Clancy. I kept him from a litter we had about three years ago because I liked him so much. But I didn’t “need” him for breeding so he was just hanging out here. I thought it was time he had his own special person to love and adore him. He is a sweetheart! <3

And since the air quality in Spokane was at 544 ( :O ) we went into the lobby of the hotel and had our puppy meeting before going back outside to get the puppies for their new families.

Finn meeting his new mom. <3

Azure, now Daisy. <3

Sable’s “aunt” drove all the way from Oregon to pick her up for her sister, Sable’s new owner. And will be driving this little tyke all the way to California!.

Indigo, now Cooper was picked up by his new family who already have one of our Cavapoos!

Navy, (who’s name will most likely remain Navy) is going home to two excited kiddos!

It was another happy, successful Puppy Delivery Day! <3




































































































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  1. kk75 says:

    Such wonderful news for all the lucky families! Congratulations!

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