It’s so important for your a puppy to meet lots of different people in the socialization period (three to about twelve weeks of age). I know with the lock down everyone is enduring (and some states are more strict than others) this is not always an easy task. And where we live it’s even more challenging because there just aren’t a lot of people around. But we try!

We’re in a pretty rural area with very few cases of Covid, so I have started to invite my neighbor and her kiddos back to help socialize puppies. I’ve missed this time. The pups absolutely loved the added love and attention.

Letting the kids use a little cream cheese during introductions made the initial encounter even more thrilling.

Shoestrings are so much fun to attack!

Hope loved having the kids over too!❤️

So did Quinn. ❤️

Ben wasn’t about to miss out on some extra attention either.

My kids came home for a visit this past weekend and my DIL also loves to love on the puppies.

Lots of love getting shared here❤️


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