Town day

Wednesday was Joy’s puppies’ vet appointment before they head to their new homes.

For those that are new to following us and our blog. Each litter that we raise goes to our vet for a thorough exam before they go to their new home. They go through a deworming program here between three and seven weeks, so we also take a stool sample in to have our vet check for parasites before they head out.

The vet has a health sheet that she goes over and fills out as she does each puppy’s exam.  Puppies are micro-chipped then also if the new owner wants it done. And if a puppy is crossing state or country borders a health certificate is filled out. That sheet is then put in the puppy’s going home packet.

Puppy’s first vaccination is given by me about a week before they go for their appointment. Some people may wonder whey I don’t just have my vet do that also especially when she includes it in their exam price. I feel it’s safer for the puppy to have the vaccination in them before going to the vet. I know they keep things clean and sanitized but vet office’s are also treating sick animals and I want my puppies to have every chance of being protected from diseases when they are there. That just makes me feel better. I have been giving my own vaccinations for years (trained by the vet I used to work for) and purchase my shots from a reputable company that only ships it in a insulted container with cold packs included.

 But first we have to get there!

Outside for a potty break and get the wiggles out before we load up.

Ready to roll!

Once we arrive at the vet (an hour+ drive) we have time for a quick potty break.

Corral them back in the crate and wait for our turn to go in. Except I still have to wait in the truck and the pups go in with the staff.

They did great! The vet did tell me she had to watch some of her staff because they wanted to sneak off with a puppy or two. 😉😍(They love when I bring my puppies in).

Ready to hit the road again. Heading to the next town (between the vet and home) to grab a couple things and visit my bestie).

Auntie Karen loves babies too!

We met at my favorite store.

And now it’s time for a bit of lunch another potty break and some free time!


We sat and visited while the puppies played. This store and the vet office are right next to the highway so the puppies got to hear a lot of traffic and town noises that they wouldn’t hear at our house. 👍

Finally it was time to pack up and head for home.

Our favorite photo spot by the river on the drive home looks much prettier with the smoke gone. 😀

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8 Responses to Town day

  1. Katharine Harding says:

    You are the MOST thorough and attentive puppy MOM that I could ever imagine! I look forward to seeing you again and so you can see how Toby has grown—we think he’s close to 25lbs. and he’s tall! He’s the best boy we ever could have hoped for EXCEPT when he plays “catch-me-if-you-can” when he has 1/2 mouse in his mouth that the cats shared!!

  2. Staci Garrison says:

    I am so impressed with all you do for your puppies – I’ve been following you for almost a year now and of all the breeders I’ve researched, I keep coming back to you. These photos are adorable and just made me smile and giggle. Thanks for the day brightener!

  3. Claudia Knauss says:

    SO smart to give that 1st vaccination prior to the vet exam! But then, that’s only one of dozens of special things you take the time & effort to do for all your pups, Jennifer. We’ll hate to see this litter leave, & yet feel so happy for their new families. Your pics of the “nut brigade” have been the bright spot at the close of many difficult days for more folks than you can even imagine! We share them with friends, and never fail to see their eyes widen, big smiles and ooh’s & ahh’s!!!!

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