Sage is doing an awesome job with her big litter. I’m pouring the food and water into her since she is putting so much out to the puppies.

The other day one or two of the pups were nosing around in her food dish. (Normally our moms have dry puppy food available at all times. But once I see pups starting to take interest in the food, I will soak it in hot water so it softens and is easier to eat for little mouths that are barely getting teeth!)

Since these guys started taking interest earlier than some litters, I ran with it! To make things easier and more enticing, I mashed up some canned puppy food with warm goats milk to make a gruel of sorts. The sooner they are adding real food to their meals along with the milk bar, things will be easier on Sage.

When they get a bit older, we’ll switch over to the soaked puppy food and let them get started on that. But for now they are sure enjoying their puppy porridge even though it’s quite messy!

You can see that Ranger is enjoying meals with her “cousins” too.


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6 Responses to Messy eaters!

  1. Tanis says:

    Puppy porridge. Love that. So sweet.

  2. KAREN BEAVER says:

    they are just so sweet –

  3. Jerda Smeltzer says:

    Wow, they are already so big! All that love and expert care really shows. I learn so much from reading your posts. Thank you!

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