Lots of fun

The week is wrapping up and these little cuties are leaving in the morning! We’ve played inside and outside; in the front yard, exploring the garden, going outside to potty in the covered pen, eating meals in our crate and whatever we can think of to get these puppies a good start before they head home.

They’ve had lots of commotion and visitors; human and canine. The neighbors came to visit and four of our five kids were home parts of this week and along with them came the “grand-dogs”. So the pups are meeting lots of dogs; large and small.

Travis is a dog magnet! All dogs seem to love him.

We’ll be busy tonight giving the pups their “beauty treatment” before we leave in the morning to meet their families. So the next pictures you see will be with their happy families!

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  1. T says:

    They are so so sweet. I wish them all amazing homes full of love 💕

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