With ever-growing puppies around here there is always rearranging going on. So earlier this week it was time to move the one plus nine upstairs to the puppy room and bigger quarters.

The moving basket is full!

They definitely needed more space!

You can see the puppy pen is crammed with litter boxes. The reason for this is when we move to a new, bigger “home” I want to make sure the puppies get in a good habit of using their litter box. I wouldn’t for instance place it in the back corner of the pen at this age. The crates are new to them too, so we put the bathroom right outside the bedroom. When they wake up they toddle out of bed and into the toilet. It works great! As they mature we’ll move things around and move the litter box farther from the bed. You can also see I’ve put two crates in the pen. With this many puppies I wanted them to have a couple options for sleeping and this way they are comfortable with an open, wire crate or a more den-like plastic crate.

And with the small puppy pen now available downstairs I decided to give Gracie and her pups a bigger area too. Not that the puppies needed it so much but to give Gracie a chance to “step away” from the puppies when she needed a break. The only problem with more space for this young of a litter is they can squirm away from the pack and get lost “way” across the pen from the rest of the pups. Thankfully, their little cries usually alert us that something is amiss and we can go return the wandering pup back to the puppy pile.

P.S. If anyone is wondering where Ranger is, well she has integrated herself in with the nine. 😉

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  1. KAREN BEAVER says:

    Incredible organization – you give these pups such a great start – for the lucky ones that get one of your pups it’s our job to make sure we continue to make sure they thrive.

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