Now that I’ve finally gotten through all that applications (please if you submitted one and did not hear from me, shoot me an email. Or if you did hear from me, submitted your fee and haven’t heard from me shoot me an email. It’s better to keep all our communication in one place instead of replying to this blog)….I just want to say WELCOME! And THANK YOU to everyone that submitted an application and decided to follow through with the application fee and get on our list even though you know there will be a wait. But I believe each person will get just the right pup at the right time. We think they’re worth the wait! ❤️

Just a reminder to sign up for email notifications here if you haven’t already. Just hit the “FOLLOW” button to the right  under the photo album. You’ll also want to follow our YouTube channel (Pinewood Kennels Cavapoos) and make sure you “ring” the bell after subscribing so you don’t miss any new videos.

There are loads of pages and information on the website. Please peruse through it at your leisure, but let me know if you have questions afterwards. (Emailing me on our original thread is best so I have our conversations in one place). There are lots of past blog posts you can read through. You can search on the search bar for a certain subject or just start scrolling, reading and enjoying pictures.

If you call with questions we are not available Friday night or Saturday. That’s our doggie “business” day off. You’re welcome to send an email with questions, but remember if you send it Friday or Saturday, I most likely won’t get back to you before Sunday. And if it happens to be a Puppy Delivery weekend for any of our litters, I probably won’t get back to you until Monday.

Make sure you read through the puppy matching process pages and let me know if you have questions about the process. I do not call everybody on the main waiting list every time we match a litter. It’s your “job” (you didn’t know you signed up for a job did you? 😉) when you see a litter that you’re interested in, are available on the litter’s Puppy Matching Day for a phone call and can meet me in Spokane on Puppy Delivery Day to email me and let me know that you’d like to be added to that specific litter’s call list for puppy matching day. And you would need to do that with each litter you’re interested in (and why you need to check the blog for litter news 😊) because I don’t know each person’s schedule and if that timeframe work for you or you’re interested in that specific litter. I hope that all makes sense.

When Puppy Matching Day rolls around I put everyone that has reached out for that litter in order of how they are on the Main Cavapoo waiting list before I start making phone calls and matching puppies. Of course, those that have been on the list a longer time and are higher up the list have a better chance of being matched. It’s a process that takes patience as you move up the list. But please don’t hesitate to reach out even if you are new to the list. You never know what will happen. Typically with each litter only about one quarter of the list of people will reach out with interest about a litter. The exception are the red/apricot puppies. More people want that color and wait longer because of that so they are matched quickly with the top few people that reach out.

And now Reba and I are checking out for our rest day.  See you Sunday with more adorable puppy pictures! ❤️

One more thing, if anyone changes their mind and doesn’t want to be on our list and wait for a puppy, I will refund your “non-refundable” application fee up until seven days after the date I responded to your application.


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  1. Kim Kline says:

    Beautifully written! Thank you!❤️

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