More on the way!

I have exciting news! We have more Cavapoo puppies on the way. Let me introduce the proud parents <3

Glory and Clancy are expecting babies at the end of this month. Hopefully she has those before I head to Spokane to deliver our Sage/Hazel pups! I would expect to see red, apricot and black puppies from this match.

About two weeks after Glory, Sky is due. She and Dickens always have blenheim babies with a chance of blue eyes or partial blue eyes.

We won’t start any lists for these litters until after they are born and we know what we have and can figure matching and delivery dates. I’m so excited to see these puppies!

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11 Responses to More on the way!

  1. Chantelle Regier says:

    How is the puppy rehoming list looking?
    I’m really wanting a puppy for our family got Christmas. Let me know about the possibilities 🙂

  2. Kim Kline says:

    ⭐️🎉wow!!!! Fantastic news!!!🎉🎉⭐️

  3. Beaver, Karen says:

    Amazing can’t wait to see the pups

  4. Gurpreet says:

    What are the chances you will reopen the waitlist?

  5. Jerda. Smeltzer says:

    That is exciting! Such lovely parents, the pups are bound to be beautiful!

  6. Manu says:

    How exciting!!!

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