Last week

So last week was a bit crazy! I was in Spokane three out of five week days. What for? Well, one of those days I had an appointment with the canine ophthalmologist to get some of the “youngsters” their eye exams.

The truck was a bit crowded as Aurora rides loose in the back seat. She takes up about half of it so I had room for just one crate in the back. Lyric and Asher shared that one. Then I attached one small crate in the passenger seat up front and Bonus rode in that one.

Of course leading up to our appointment, I spend one of my remaining days at home giving these country bumpkins their beauty treatment before we headed for the big city. 🙂

I only took pictures of Lyric and Bonus. The groom jobs weren’t perfect but at least they’re cleaned up.

And of course once we got to the vet, the staff came out to get the dogs and take them in for their exam while I waited for the parking lot. According to the ladies, the dogs did good. And thankfully they all were clear and got “normal” results.

After our long drive and wait in the parking lot, I headed to my kids’ house so we could have a potty break.

Boy did they have fun zooming around the back yard! (I left Lyric’s leash on because she’s the smallest and there is some space under one gate that she could squeeze through if she wanted so I wanted a way to grab her quick should she get any funny ideas about exploring the other side of the fence).

So what about my other days I spent in Spokane? Well, that’s for another blog post 😉


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  1. KAREN BEAVER says:

    thanks for the update was expecting some news about the snow – thought we’d see pups running in the snow is it gone already – beautiful pups glad all is good with all and nobody snuck under the fence.

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