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So what was I doing the other two days in Spokane last week? Well, picking up the newest Pinewood family member that’s what!

Isn’t he adorable?! He’s a purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I love his crooked blaze!

And the reason it took two days in Spokane was because he was arriving with a flight nanny and they usually fly stand-by. I was supposed to meet her around one in the afternoon and then head home because I had an appointment for my vet to check him out on the way home. Well, her original flight filled up so instead arriving in the afternoon she had two alternative plans mapped out. One would get her into the airport at six-something and the other was around nine at night.

So I called the vet to reschedule puppy’s appointment for the next day. They had a one-thirty so I grabbed that. Thankfully, the nanny was able to get on the next alternate “plan” and I ended up meeting her about seven at night. So I decided to stay with my kiddos that night and then make the vet appointment the next afternoon on my way home. It was a better plan then driving home late that night, then having to turn around and go half-way back to Spokane to the vet appointment.

He did really well and sleep pretty quietly in his crate most of the night. Around five-something in the morning he needed to go outside to potty. Which he did promptly as soon as he was on the ground.

I knew he would not be happy going back in that crate for a couple more hours until the household woke up and I didn’t want to wake the kids. My son works full time and my DIL is in school full time. I wasn’t about to disrupt their sleep with a screaming puppy. So I did what I tell all my puppy families to never do!  I let puppy sleep on the couch with Reba and I. He crawled all over me, across my face, played with my hair, chewed on my sweatshirt, but finally settled down and went back to sleep!

As I mentioned I never recommend taking your new puppy to bed with you. It needs to get use to sleeping in its crate or pen and get into the routine you make for it. BUT this might be an exception. If you are staying the first night with friends or at a motel, you might “splurge” a bit (for the comfort of those that are within hearing distance) and not force the crate issue.

And just so you know, the next night at home (and every night since) he has slept in his puppy pen in his crate.

Later in the morning we went out for another romp around the yard and a potty break.

“Where’s my breakfast?”

Reba got to come along too.

Another break outside before we headed down the road and he got to meet “Aunt” Rousey.

The first week here is never fun for a new dog or puppy as (for the safety of our puppies) we quarantine anything new that gets added to the pack. He’s just finishing up his quarantine and will then be integrated into the household.

And then the next thing we have to do is think of a name!

I was hoping to come up with something clever that went along with his crooked stripe, but all I can think of are common things like, Blaze, Lightening, Bolt, or Flash. So if you think of something clever and not a common dog name let me know. 🙂

(P.S. I’m not going with any Harry Potter reference either).

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30 Responses to Something new

  1. jonnastar6 says:

    My grandson Cullen (a huge Harry Potter fan) suggests “Gryffin” or “Gryffindor” after Harry’s “house” at Hogwart’s School of Wizardry, because Harry boasts a lightening bolt scar on this forehead, and Gryffindors are known for their courage, bravery, nerve and chivalry. Blaze sounds great to me! But maybe there is a Harry Potter litter in Pinewood’s future (Harry, Ron, Draco, Hermione, Luna, Lavender…..)? Congratulations on your new addition – he’s stunning!!!

  2. Tanis says:

    He is adorable!!! Welcome little guy! The name “Jag” is cute. Like his jagged blaze. Quite “manly” but short and sweet.

  3. Cindy matin_ says:

    I think a great name for your new little man would be MARK and perhaps he will leave his signature “mark” on his pups!

  4. Julie says:

    Ziggy or ZigZag – he’s so beautiful!

  5. Joan Spear says:

    Harry Potter!

  6. Kristi H says:

    What about Potter. After Harry Potter with the jagged mark.

  7. Christina says:

    He’s soooo cute!!!! Adorable and sweet and so unique!

  8. Shan Case says:

    Love him…. He’s absolutely adorable. I like Zags or Ziggy.

  9. Ahuva hammer says:

    I like Ziggy too or you can call him Harry as in Harry Potter aince he has a crooked blaze of lightning on his forehead too. Enjoy he is precious

  10. Kim Kline says:

    What an adventure..and well worth the adorable reward❤️❤️
    My contribution to the name game: Maze

  11. Katharine Harding says:

    He is utterly adorable! Zorro came to my mind after the cowboy TV series years ago. Goody thought of Charger. Good luck—I think they end up “choosing” their names.

  12. Jerda Smeltzer says:

    Holy cow, what an incredibly adorable little guy! His mark made me think about how rivers and creeks meander on their journey. So for names, my first thought, because of his color as well as his mark, was “Canyon,” but I also liked “Creek,” “River,” and “Meander.” And for what it’s worth, I think “Jag” and “Ziggy” are also really fun names.

  13. Cindy Matin says:

    My granddaughter thought of these 3 names as well, Zeus, Odin, or Thor.

  14. Dee says:

    What a sweetheart! He’s just adorable. 🥰 You’ve gotten some great suggestions for names but, I have another for you. I thought his mark looked kind of like a ski slope so, my recommendation is Brecken (short for Breckinridge). It can also be spelled Brekken. Thanks for sharing his precious pics.

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