Sunday, funday!

Puppy delivery day is always a long, tiring day for me, but it’s also one of the most exciting, rewarding and fun days also!

I love meeting all the families that I have been corresponding with for months (or longer) and watching their excitement as I bring their puppy out of the truck and had them over. Some are quiet and just cuddle and love on their new baby. Some are all smiles and just stare and “drink in” that cute little face. Some get quiet and emotional and shed a tear (which makes my eyes water too), and some are like a kid at Christmas, so incredibly excited and happy to meet their new baby!

Although Sunday’s delivery prep starts Saturday night after sundown. That’s when each puppy gets their “beauty treatment”; ears cleaned, fuzzy hair trimmed under the eyes if needed, toenails trimmed, and a nice bath!

But remember last week when I took the pups out in the backyard to play under the big pine tree? I even raked the pine needles away before I took them outside. But they still got pitch on them, mostly stuck to their hairy little feet. So hubby and I were up late getting the pitch cleaned off before they even got their baths. Playing in the backyard is fun, but I think I’ve finally learned my lesson and they will be playing outside only in the covered pen, the garden or front yard from now one!

Sunday morning dawns bright and early as I like to make sure puppies get breakfast way before we leave so the food has time to settle in their little tummies. The road out of here is windy and we don’t want carsick puppies as we go down the road to Spokane.

I decided to take a co-pilot on this trip

Precious cargo in back under the blankets.

Cajsa usually gets the whole back seat to herself but since the two crates full of puppies took that space she road up front for the first time. I think she enjoyed the view.

I always try to get to our meeting place a half an hour before my first appointment to give the pups a chance to stretch their legs and go potty. Since the puppies had breakfast so early they had a chance to have water and some “brunch” too.

The boys

The girls

I only let one crate out at a time because there is no way I would try to watch more than five puppies by myself. Sometimes they get too adventurous and hop up on the wheel well. The edge is too close to that. And it’s a long way to the ground! You have to be on your toes with those little rascals running around the truck bed.

Finally everyone had their break so they were all loaded back in the crates and parked back in the truck for a nap while I met their new families. We did three small groups and met outside. Thankfully the weather was decent and it was nice when you were standing in the sun.

Here are the happy new families! <3

Evelyn now Evie

Virginia now Remi

Jennette now Lily

Lindy now Pablo

Ranger (new name to be determined)

Millard now Otis

Irma (new name to be determined)

Lonnie now Archie

Tom now Bandit

Bob now Coco.

Happy life puppies!❤️

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4 Responses to Sunday, funday!

  1. Katharine Harding says:

    I love seeing this & remembering how excited & teary I got meeting our Toby last March 2nd. He is the BEST! The puppies are so well-adjusted because of all your hard & thoughtful care every day! Thank you over & over!

  2. Kim Kline says:

    Love those smiles on the new puppy families!! Congratulations And happy puppy cuddle time to all of them!!🥰❤️

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