Upcoming Puppy Matching

As most of you know this Sunday is our Puppy Matching Day for Gracie (Clancy) puppies! It’s always so exciting to match our puppies with their new families. Here are some pictures of the little darlings <3

They are getting more and more playful and fun to interact with. Hubby moved them to the larger puppy pen with a crate to sleep in on Sunday while I was delivering the other pups to their new families. They seem to enjoy their new, larger quarters and are using their litter boxes really well. And they are eagerly diving into the soaked kibble three times and day (plus topping that off with “milkshakes” from mom) 😉

I will be posting some videos of them today and hopefully more in the next few days for those of you that are interested. On the videos I’ll try to describe what I’m seeing personality-wise, size, etc. You can also go to their puppy album to refresh your memory on who’s who (boys or girls) and see all of their weekly pictures. Here’s the link.

Cavapoo litter~Gracie & Clancy

Also remember if you are officially on our waiting list (you’ve got through the application/fee process and got the official “you’re on the waiting list” confirmation) you may reach out about this litter (or any new litter we introduce) if you are available for a phone call on Puppy Matching Day and can meet in Spokane on Puppy Delivery Day to get your puppy. Please do not add yourself to the list if your schedule doesn’t allow this or if you have not figured out a way to cross the border (for our Northern neighbors). I really don’t want to match someone with a puppy and then find out afterwards that they need special accommodations and need me to keep the puppy longer for them or they were matched with a puppy and tell me days before Puppy Delivery Day that they can’t pick up their puppy and have to back out of taking it.

Here is the list of people I have that have reached out with interest in this litter. These are in order of how they are on the main waiting list. Please be aware just because you might be a certain number on this list does not mean that is your number/placement on the main waiting list. I keep a list of all the people that are interested in a particular litter and then compare it to the main list and put them in numerical order to make my phone calls. That way the people that have been on the longest get called first and have the first chance to be matched.

If you no longer are interested in being on Gracie’s call list, please let me know or if you’d like to be added please let me know by email. (Those that respond on this blog will not be added. Sorry, to be so particular but I have to keeps some semblance of order).

  • Karla J
  • Shawna & Josh A
  • Stacy C
  • Soo K
  • Abigail & Conner D
  • Bonnie C
  • Michael F
  • Naomi P
  • Jenn T
  • Joan S
  • Emily G
  • Holly L
  • Katrina G
  • Kim L
  • Denise A
  • Grant N
  • Manu C
  • Jenise S
  • Carolyn R
  • Susan J
  • Huberto G
  • Janey K
  • Jennifer M
  • Lois M
  • Berna & Ian M
  • Joni C
  • Andrea J
  • Rupa N
  • Deanna F
  • Chloe L

As you can see we have many more names than we have puppies. But that’s okay! It makes puppy matching easier when I know the people I’m calling are ready and interested. I probably won’t get very far down the list once all Gracie’s pups are matched because of their popular color. I will email anyone that I didn’t get to speak to and let you know that all the matching is complete. And don’t be discouraged if I don’t make it to your name. It is a waiting process and you’ll have to reach out about several litters before you are finally matched with a puppy.

But we think they are worth the wait!


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  1. Manu says:

    Got it! Thank you for the update!❤️

  2. Sharon L Bisson says:

    Hi, I am interested in your beautiful puppies but want to know what you charge before I am able to fill out an application. Thank you so much, Sharon Bisson in Portland Oregon. My phone cell 503-351-9554

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