Poodle plans

I am planning a litter of mini Poodles. Lucy has just come in season and my plan is to breed her to Clancy. We’ll see if they follow my plan. 😉

Our last Poodle litter was from Lucy and Rumor and they were so pretty! I wanted to try something a bit different this time. And since Sage just had that stunning litter by Clancy and Sage is Lucy’s daughter, I’ve got my fingers crossed that we get similar colors.

They obviously haven’t been bred yet so it will be a good month (plus) before we can confirm the pregnancy, but if/when it is confirmed I will make an announcement on the blog and anyone that is interested can fill out an application then (or remind me if you already have and are interested in a purebred mini Poodle).

I don’t expect her to have a big litter and I am breeding this litter to keep a puppy (or two) for myself so I suspect we won’t have many available.

Don’t they make a handsome couple? <3

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