Puppy Matches

Today we successfully matched Gracie’s litter of apricot and red Cavapoo puppies! A big congratulations to all our excited families that have been matched with these cuties! <3 We’re excited for them and for these puppies.

As an FYI, I looked to see when these families got on our list and how long they waited for a puppy. Now, I can’t guarantee it will be the same for everyone, but it will give you an idea (especially since these are the most popular colors). These seven families were on the list between eight and eleven months before they were matched with their puppy.

And a PSA for anyone that reaches out for any future litter lists, if you’re seriously interested in a litter please make sure I can get a hold of you on Puppy Matching Day. Sometimes people get on the list, but when I call nobody answers. I leave a message if I can and usually wait and call a second time, then send an email also. But today, for instance I couldn’t even leave a message for one person because their voicemail was full. Or if you have a second phone number (land line or spouse/partner) please make sure I have that too. I try very hard to get a hold of everyone that has showed interest in a litter but I can only do so much.

Another helpful hint; I post the litter list the week before Puppy Matching Day for each litter and  put these in order how they are on the main waiting list. So if you see in that post that you are the top person to call (and nobody else reaches out to me that is above you on the list)I will send an email to you before Sunday morning and we can get started matching you before I move on down the list. It helps me get a jump start on Sunday’s work.

Again congrats to all our lucky families! Here are the pups new pictures (at six weeks of age).


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  1. jonnastar6 says:

    Congratulations to all the lucky new forever families! You have been truly blessed. Great job, Jennifer – and the new photos are just precious. Even though we’re not ready, and low on the list, these pictures bring us happiness and hope every single day!!!

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