Kitchen invaders

A bunch of cute, furry creatures have overtaken my kitchen! Now how am I supposed to cook and do dishes with all this cuteness underfoot?

What are they all looking at?

They wanted you say “hi” to Quinn.

Acorn’s 2020 school picture😜😂

The slide is a very popular toy.

Everything is blurry but that cute face!

Tunnel Fun!

“Excuse me! Can you put the camera down and love me?”

Pumpkin, where are you going?!

“Can somebody help me out of here?!”


(*pulling, straining) “That was harder getting out then going in!”


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6 Responses to Kitchen invaders

  1. Manu says:

    Sweet puppies!❤️🐶

  2. Jerda Smeltzer says:

    Look out!!! Attack of the cuteness! They are just such joyful little bundles of fur-wrapped love!

  3. Kim Kline says:

    ….and how can I possibly get anything done when I just sit here on my phone…scrolling,scrolling…spending all my time just looking at these adorable cuties! (Thank you🥰❤️!)

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