The past few days

The past few days have been eventful!

Hubby went to help our son work on a remodeling project overnight on Thursday. We both ran to town for a quick “thing” we had to take of together then he went on to our son’s. I ran a couple errands, grabbed a bite to eat then headed home. Obviously the “bite” was a bad idea as I ended up with a bit of food poisoning or something that flipped out my stomach 😛

I had a restless night and woke up to 10″ of new snow! It was beautiful but also makes doing outside chores take a lot longer. By the time the snow stopped we had gotten just about a foot!

Ben loves the snow

Oh, and a tree broke off and fell on the backyard fence. It wasn’t huge but too big for me to move so my BIL came over with his chainsaw and it it off the fence.

And then the power went out! I’m so thankful for our new generator. Unfortunately with hubby away I was not able to use it. He has a concrete pad for it to sit on and connect it to power the house.  And there was no way I could move it out there by myself. So I spend a quiet day trying to make my phone battery last and wasn’t able to post much or get to my emails. It gave my stomach a chance to rest and I actually had time to read a book!

Hubby finally got home Friday afternoon and got the lights back on until bedtime when we shut off the generator. The utility guys restored our power in the wee hours Saturday morning.

Saturday was our “rest” day and a nice time to enjoy the puppies and the sunshine that came out of hiding. But I couldn’t wait to get to sleep after the past couple of days.

Sky decided she had other plans for me and decided to have her babies starting just before midnight and on into the wee hours. I will have a post about them soon after they settle in and we know they are all doing well and gaining weight. I won’t start a litter list for them until then.

I also decided it was time to move Glory and her crew to the small puppy pen to give mom more room, and to empty her big crate up for Sky. Which happened just in time you see!

I placed them in the litter box first since I woke them up to move them.

Then moves them to their new bed.

Mom checking everyone out once she got back in the house.

Gracie’s pups are doing well and having fun playing with all their toys, eating well closed in their crate and are now completely weaned off mom. This will be our last week with them so it will be a busy one!

Thanks for following along on this crazy life of ours! And for your patience during the ups and downs of life. 😊

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6 Responses to The past few days

  1. Kim Kline says:

    Oh my gosh!!! What a time you had!! Hope you get the rest you sorely deserve..eventually!! But way to go! You sure know how to rock on!

  2. Didi says:

    You are the best Mom !!

  3. Jerda Smeltzer says:

    Wow, that was an eventful, trying, exciting, beautiful few days! I hope you are feeling back to your typical dynamo of a self. Congratulations on the latest liter! I can’t imagine them being as spectacular as your current “seasonal” band of cuteness, but you your dogs always manage to reach that level every time!

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