Vroom, vroom!

When I think of something black it makes me think of things that are, elegant, classy, grand, luxurious, and stylish. Which brought to mind the name theme for Glory’s litter of five gorgeous black girls (and that “odd” boy). 😉

So let me introduce you to three-week-old Glory babies with their official “expensive” names. 😉

“McLaren” (black female, white collar)

“Mercedes” (black female, purple collar)

“Bentley” (apricot male)

“Ferrari” (black female, yellow collar)

“Porsche” (black female, pink collar)

“Bugatti” (black female, blue collar)

Funny thing; hubby thought we should name the boy something completely different since he’s not in the same “class”. He thought Volkswagon would do it. Bhahahahaha!



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12 Responses to Vroom, vroom!

  1. Manu Caiafa says:

    Sweet puppies!❤️

  2. KAREN BEAVER says:

    Clever name theme love it – not sure about WV for the boy think you made the right choice. And what a bunch of cuties.

  3. Patti Moro says:

    They are beautiful! You are always so clever with naming the pups!

  4. Didi says:

    Terrific names forthese cuties!

  5. JoAnn Wagner says:

    OMG, I cannot wait! They are all so precious. Thank you!

  6. Jerda Antoinette Smeltzer says:

    Wow, I never wanted a fancy car before! Now I want the whole fleet of ’em!

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