The play blanket

When the puppies are little and downstairs in the little puppy pen they play and explore in the living room. When they first venture out to do this I like to put a blanket down to give their little feet better traction because the floor is slick. If they step out and start sliding they might not be too inclined to get out and explore.

I got this bright idea one day to make them a larger version of the baby blanket (that I send home with each puppy) and have that be their first “play” blanket.

I remembered some blankets my aunt made for my boys when they were little. They had a road pattern on the material which she quilted. Then she made a pocket in one corner so when they boys were done playing with their Hot Wheels on the blanket, the blanket could be folded up into the big pocket. The whole thing became a big pillow then! It was the cutest thing.

So I set out to find some similar material. My “sewing” skills begin and end at cutting strips and tying the edges into knots though. ;P hehe

The finished product.

Puppy blanket testers. Actually they were very happy to venture off the blanket and just start exploring!

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6 Responses to The play blanket

  1. Patti says:

    The blanket came out great!

  2. Marilyn Pyles says:

    WHOA, so cool! And hats off to your aunt— best little boys gift ever! My 23 yr old daughter still has her matching pink pillow and blankie my mom ( GRANDMA) made her. Some gifts just keep giving.

  3. kk75 says:

    oh my goodness! That’s a great idea! Puppies and babies get all the fun!

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