Taking pictures

Every week we take new pictures of each puppy in each litter. I try to do it on the day of the week that they were born. The older they get the harder it is to get pictures, because they become more active.

Thankfully, I only had to take a total of thirty-five pictures to get six “good” pictures.  😉  They sat still really well!

And as we did last week, they got weighed, had their toenails trimmed and we switched them to “real” buckle (break-away for safety) collars. Hopefully, now it will be easier to tell who’s who in the pictures and videos.

Since the pups are upstairs and the picture taking, weighing, etc happens downstairs, they each had some one-on-one time away from their litter mates. This is good to practice so they get used to being a little more independent from each other.

So here we are at six weeks. Can you believe they’re six weeks old already? We’ll be matching them this weekend with their forever families (more on that later).

3# 3oz

4# 1 oz


3# 14 oz

3# 12 oz

3# 7 oz

When I take pictures I like to have a nice background and something to “hold” the puppies (a basket, box, etc). I don’t like a lot of extra “stuff” in the pictures as I find that distracts from the cute puppies.

Usually, I use a chair in our living room to stage for pictures. But with black puppies (or dark-faced pups) it’s best to have natural light. Our living room has lots of windows, but since it’s winter and we’ve been having a lot of cloudy days, there’s just not enough natural light to take good pictures of black puppies. So last week I used a chair on the front porch. That worked. But as puppies get older and taller the back of the chair is not tall enough for a background.

So let me take you behind the scenes of taking puppies pictures and what I have to do sometimes.

Here’s my set-up.

I had to use a paper clip to make a hook to hang my sign on.

Then I used bag clips to hold the tablecloth/background up on the frame.

And what was the frame? Well, a baby gait makes a nice big rectangle so I have a good backboard to put the cloth on.

And what was the base? Well, the goat milking stand! bhahaha! (Yes, we used to have a couple of milk goats. I sold them to a friend when it just became to much work milking them everyday AND taking care of puppies. But it sure was nice to have fresh, goat’s milk for the puppies. Hubby wanted me to sell the stand. But you never know when a couple goat’s might show up here again. *wink)

Cajsa of course, always wants to come check each puppy out, which is quite distracting when I want the puppy to look at the camera and not off a different direction. So when I come out the front door with each puppy I tell Cajsa to “stay” while I take pictures.

Then I “release” her and let her come say “hi” when the photo shoot is over.

And that’s how we take puppy pictures! 😀



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8 Responses to Taking pictures

  1. Kim Kline says:

    That’s quite a production that you’ve refined! Thanks for the fun behind-the-scenes shots!

  2. ahuva hammer says:

    wow you are the Jacky of all trades, wife, mother, MIL, cook, gardener, horsewoman, dog breeder, dog trainer and a photographer too, with all your creativity we cant wait to see the next career you have “behind the scenes”

  3. Marilyn Pyles says:

    Super great info. For me. I’ll use some of your ideas:)

  4. Katharine Harding says:

    My husband is a professional photographer & most impressed by your thorough ingenuity! Wow! He said when he saw the paper clip hook. Also this litter is gorgeous- every one! I wish I were on the list.

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