Puppy Matching

This weekend is the much anticipated puppy matching day for Glory’s puppies! (These puppies are not available to the general public, sorry. They are only for the people that have sent an application, been approved, paid the application fee and and got the word from me that they are officially on our Cavapoo waiting list! Whew, that was a process. But I just wanted to clarify).

Anybody that is on our Cavapoo waiting list can reach out and let me know they are interested in this litter. I will take names up until Friday at noon. (I’m changing the cutoff time from Saturday night at 8:00 pm so I have more time to get the list organized. And this way I can reach out to the top person on Friday to get a jump start on things.)

When I have the complete list of names, I  will put the names in the order they are on the main waiting list before I start reaching out to match puppies. Obviously someone that has been on the list since January of this year will have a better chance of getting a puppy then someone that just got on the list when we opened it for that short time in October. But there is always a chance so if you’re interested don’t hesitate to reach out via email (not on the blog post, please).

As I’ve mentioned before, the apricot/red puppies are the most popular color, so imagine our Bentley boy will be the first one picked. Black puppies are the least requested color, sadly. BUT, the are gaining in popularity! Yeah, for black dogs! I personally think the black dogs are stunning! <3

What this means is there may be several people on this litter’s list who got on hoping they will get matched with Bentley and once he’s matched those people will probably pass on getting a black dog. So this means some of you that are farther down the list may end up with one of these precious, ebony girls!

If you are this litter’s list and hoping for a phone call on Sunday, please make sure you have a working number, that your voicemail box is set up and not full and that you are close to your phone. An alternate number is also handy (E.g.; home phone & cell phone or your phone and spouse/partner’s number also). If I can’t get a hold of you, I can’t match you with a puppy. :/ If I get a voicemail, I will leave a message and try back in fifteen minutes or so. If I call a second time and still don’t get someone, I will leave another message, then email a message and move on down the list. If you happen to get the message and call back lets say an hour later, you can still be matched with a puppy if there are some left, but you may have missed out on your favorite.

I will be posting more pictures of them leading up to Sunday and also more videos for everyone to enjoy. If you have reached out for this litter, please make sure you watch the videos, check the album for weekly portraits and blog for other pictures so you can make a note of your favorites. Many times, people ask to be added to a litter list, then don’t watch the videos or look at pictures because they think I can’t possibly get to their name on the list. It’s a bit baffling to have someone on this litter list who I end up calling and they ask, “Oh, are there pictures of these puppies somewhere?” :O *sigh

In the upcoming videos I will also try to give some descriptions of what I see in their personalities and size to help you decide and have as much information as possible to make this an easy process.

As a reminder, once you are matched with a puppy, I will need the $500 non-refundable deposit from you within five days to hold that specific puppy for you. We will be meeting these puppies’ new families in Spokane on Sunday, January 3rd to hand deliver the pups to them.

These are the names I have for this litter’s list. If you have changed your mind or the timing is not working for me, please let me know to remove your name. If you would like your name added (or you ask to be added and don’t see your name) just shoot me an email before Friday.

These names have already been put in the order they are on the main waiting list. More names may be added before Sunday. If you are the first or second person on the list, I may contact you before Sunday so please check your email.

  • Bonnie C
  • Joan S
  • Katrina G
  • Kim L
  • Denise A
  • Amelia M
  • Jennifer L
  • Manu C
  • Kim W
  • Traci W
  • Nicole D
  • Michael G
  • Janey K
  • Sarah R
  • Thaiha N
  • Samantha C
  • Jennifer M
  • Lois M
  • Natasha B
  • Berna & Ian M
  • Andrea J
  • Rupa N
  • Christine Y
  • Patti M

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  1. Katharine Harding says:

    Can’t imagine there will be any trouble finding homes for he black girls. We hope one is definitely in our future- we think they are gorgeous!

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