Puppy fun and learning too

Just a few snaps of the puppies having some playtime.

And working on crate training too. They are doing great. They have a crate to sleep in in their puppy pen. But I leave the door open at night so they can still access the potty box if they need to.

But during the day we practice being closed in the crate for meals. In the puppy pen, early in the morning I will feed them breakfast all together in the crate and closed the door while I clean litter boxes.

Yesterday at lunch I split them into two groups of three, gave them food and left the room. I set the timer for fifteen minutes and then came back to check on them. They had eaten and most of them and had just conked out for a nap! Such good puppies!

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  1. kk75 says:

    Sweet, sweet, sweet babies!!! Thank you for this ; )

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