Change of plans

Well, I hate to upset the apple cart, so to speak but I’m going to postpone matching Sky’s pups for a few days past our planned December  27th  date.

I am planning on keeping one of the girls for our breeding program. I had planned to keep a pup from her previous litter but ended up letting that one go. (She’s in a fabulous home and I get regular updates from her “mom”.)

Isn’t she gorgeous?! <3

Since we want the right one for producing future generations (not that there is anything wrong with the ones we don’t choose).  I need a bit more time to figure which one will be staying.

Seeing that there will just be three to match I will probably just start making calls after I make my decision. I’ll give you guys a heads up beforehand so you know what day I’ll start making calls and matching puppies. And I’ll also post the list of names ahead time of those who have reached out about this litter

In the meantime, please enjoy this dose of cuteness. <3


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  1. Olga says:

    Perfection 🙏

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