Today’s adventures

Today’s puppy adventures actually started last night with the puppies’ “beauty treatment”. They weren’t really sure about the “water treatment” but they all did fine with it.

Then they were tucked into bed in preparation for an early morning. I like to feed them early Sunday morning so it has time to settle in their tummies and they have time to potty before we hit the windy road out of here.

It was a chilly morning when we left the house.

The morning commuter traffic….

Thankfully the roads were clear and dry and there wasn’t much traffic.

So there was plenty of time to let the puppies run around in the back of the truck, go potty and get a drink. Then I loaded them back up and gave them an early lunch while I waited for their families. (Winter came too for the experience and socializing).

Thankfully it was raining or snowing and not windy (which is usually is near the airport) so we were able to get through all the puppy paperwork and instructions and still stay fairly comfortable.




And off they went with their new families! <3

I made a couple stops with Winter on the way home.

Potty break at Costco. (She slept in her crate in the car while I went shopping).

I also took her through a drive-thru for a new experience. It’s always safer for a puppy (or dog) to ride securely in a crate while in a vehicle (in case of an automobile accident they are safely contained). I stopped and got her out of the crate just before I got in line, and then stopped after the drive-thru and put her back in her crate.

Safely home and getting settled in her Iris pen.





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7 Responses to Today’s adventures

  1. Ryan Gaylord says:

    Winter is precious! I hope her first night alone went well:) Thank you for taking the time to document all you do with your pups- I’m off social media now but still enjoy the updates.
    Thanks, Ryan

  2. Marilyn Pyles says:

    You are a super story teller. Thank you for sharing the adventure; I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  3. kk75 says:

    It is so fun to share the love and joy these lucky families feel…it’s worth every moment of the wait to finally cuddle with your puppy for the very first time! It’s a very precious and priceless experience.

  4. Staci Garrison says:

    I was wondering if last night would be tough for Winter as well – please keep the updates coming!

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