Pupdate times two!

“Update on Mars and Rembrandt, now known as Lewis and Clark:

Pinewood Kennel Cavapoos,
I wanted to tell how precious and fun these two are and what an intricate part of our family they have become.  Lewis and Clark are so loving and sweet!   They love to play with us, my son and each other.  
Clark is like our little soldier, obedient, loyal, enthusiastic, athletic, intelligent and always aware of his surroundings.  Lewis is the artistic imaginative one, relaxed, friendly, adventurous, extremely flexible (literally if he were a person I think he’d do yoga and wear Birkenstock’s 😂). 

What a joy they are to our family and dearly loved. Here is a picture of them “chill-laxing” at the lake and beach.  They love the sand, wind, waves and birds!  As well as the mountains, hiking and camping.  They will soon be turning 1 year and my son wants to bake them each a “doggy cake”!  We can’t thank Pinewood enough for these precious two!”


Lewis was Mars (parti-colored) from our first F1b Cavapoo litter (Sage & Sundae). Clark formerly Rembrandt (apricot) was from our purebred Poodle litter (Lucy & Rumor)

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