Ferrari now Desna

It’s always fun to hear how puppies are settling in at their new homes…
“Hi Jennifer,
I just wanted to update you on our little Desna (formerly Ferrari). She is settling into our family’s day to day life amazingly well. We have a pen set up in our living area where she can play safely, and we are teaching her to love her crate. She is attending puppy class and has been making friends there as well as many dog and human friends from our circle of friends. She’s learning her cues and the rules of the house so quickly with compassionate positive reinforcement. Her tiny pen setup with the litter box at night has been working great for all involved, and potty training is going well. We’re eagerly looking forward to adventures ahead as she goes through her vaccine schedule and the weather begins to warm. We love her so much. Below is a pic I took of her this morning with her bully stick.
Best wishes”
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  1. kk75 says:

    As her puppy-related relatives, we know how absolutely beautiful and fun she is! She looks gorgeous here! Her sister, Bugatti (now Cookie) misses their playtime together. Enjoy! Let’s keep the girls in touch!

  2. Marilyn pyles says:

    Super!! Love to hear about the transition process. Thanks for sharing!!

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