No explanation needed

Amber’s little loves ❤️

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14 Responses to No explanation needed

  1. Tanis says:

    Oh wow. What a cute, gorgeous, and sweet bunch of babes 😍

  2. kB says:

    Agree adorable bunch of pups

  3. Emily says:

    I love the white toes!!

  4. Didi says:

    Love the new leeeetle ones! Great white markings ❤️

  5. Patti says:

    I love Amber’s little love picture!

  6. Arielle says:

    How cute! How big do you expect them to be as adults and what was their birth weight?

  7. Cheryl says:

    Hi there, I just saw that I have been replying to your no reply emails. I think we have been playing email tag. You mentioned in a comment that you had replied to me, but if possible, would you email me again because I haven’t been able to find a response from you.
    Still hopeful that one of the poodle pups might be available. Thank you,

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