A rude awakening

Yesterday morning started out as usual. I got up to let all the moms and house dogs out to go potty. Then it’s out to the dog “house” to let the other dogs out into their respective yards; the boys go out first into the furthermost yard, then the girls go out into the yard closest to the house.

While the dogs are outside going potty and having some exercise time, I head back to the garage to let Cajsa out of her crate and mix up the horses’ morning supplements. The horses get their morning “treat” and while they’re eating I head to the barn to throw out hay piles to munch on. Check the cats’ food in the barn and see if it needs refilling and then head to the chicken pen to feed and water them.

We have about a dozen hens and two roosters. I didn’t want two roosters but a couple years ago one of the hens set on a nest of eggs. Only one hatched and survived. As it grew and matured it became evident  that it was another rooster.

So far daddy rooster has been in charge and son stays far away and respects the elder. But yesterday morning as I neared the pen I could see the elder rooster on the ground (in a submissive position) and junior was on top of him beating him up. There was blood everywhere! I don’t know how long the fight had been taking place, but junior had gotten the upper hand and dad was suffering for it.

I turned around and scurried (as fast as I could across the icy driveway) to the dog house to retrieve a large crate. Then it was another jaunt to the barn for some hay to line the crate. And finally back to the chicken pen to rescue papa rooster. (I really couldn’t help him out until I had some place to put him). At last, I had him safely removed then dragged the big crate up the porch steps and into the living room.

I cleaned him up as best I could. (*note to self* don’t try to spray off a rooster’s bloody head as it will shake the “water” off and bloody water ends up all over the laundry room!) After drying him off I placed him on the hay in the crate, covered it so the dogs wouldn’t stress him out as he seemed a bit shocky, and pulled the crate over in front of the woodstove).

(Maternity ward, now chicken E.R.)

I had dog grooming appointments later in the morning so I just let him rest there while the morning passed. He had perked up a bit before I left so I made sure he had food and water. It ended up being another long day in town (more on that later).

When I got home he looked more comfortable. The evening passed, dogs were put to bed and the humans all went to sleep. Mr Rooster was still in his big crate in the living room but we moved him over by the big cabinet next to Oakley’s crate.

Then this morning at 4:11 am (I looked at my watch) I was sound asleep on the couch when I heard a loud “ERRR-a-ERRR-a-ERR ERRRR!” (I’m sorry but roosters do not say cock-a-doodle do”!)

And then it was quiet. And I thought all was well.

Five minutes later, her repeated himself, twice. *face palm*

I got up at 4:20 and dragged that big ‘ol crate through the living room, around the corner, through the kitchen, then the laundry room and out into the garage. At least if he wanted to do more “talking” it would be muffled by a few doors.

Hubby gets up later and asks why I put the rooster out in the garage. I replied, “Didn’t you hear him crow at 4:00 this morning?!” “No” he says. (Why am I not surprised?).

I’m placing an ad soon;

“Free rooster

Young and cocky, long, flowing multi-colored plumage and confident demeanor (of mixed heritage, has not done 23 & Me or Ancestry.com yet) seeking job and new living arrangements. Currently living in his mom’s basement (coop) eats their food but doesn’t contribute to the family and starting to disrespect parental authority (He beat his daddy up the other day). Seeks similar living situation but wants to “run his own life”. He does respect humans and good with the “chicks” though. “

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11 Responses to A rude awakening

  1. Kim Kline says:

    😱😱😱😱oh my gosh!!! You need to write a book! It’s be awesome…so many crazy adventures you have! You must wonder every morning, “what in the world is waiting for me today!?”😜

  2. Patti says:

    You always write the best stories! You could make some money writing a book on the adventures of the farm😂

  3. Diana Vigneau says:

    My sentiments exactly— you should write a book. And where does all that energy come from? Yikes.

  4. Patt Dee Hoffen says:

    Jennifer…beg to differ, you DEFINITELY are a writer!!! So engaging, informative, emotionally charged! Its actually amazing you have any time to sleep. The Mommy and Daddy dogs, their puppies, the horses, chickens, rooster, your husband, your kids, your Grandkids, all the families who buy your puppies and all the people who get to read your blog are so very lucky to have you in their lives!! You are truly God’s gift to this world❤
    Stay well and stay safe,
    Patt Dee Hoffen

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