A busy week

In December I took a couple batches of dogs into our local groomer for some beauty treatment. This past week I had more appointments scheduled for a few more. So last Tuesday I loaded up Sky, Raven, Lyric and Aurora and headed into town. Since there were four I knew it would take her about four hours to get them all done, so my plan was to drop the girls off and head into town (the next town past the little one where the groomer is) to do a bit of grocery shopping. (For some reason we’re going through more food with two extra bodies in the house ;P )

These girls desperately needed some beauty treatment.

Aurora got the other half of the back seat

Took this little moppet for more socializing.

“Do I really have to ride in the crate, mom?”

I got the big girls unloaded at the groomer’s and then Winter got to go inside and meet Sarah, our groomer.

I have the litter box with me so Winter can safely have her potty breaks throughout Thule day.

When I picked the dogs up later Sarah said, “The more of your Cavapoos I meet the more I fall in love with this breed.” ❤️

Winter and I headed into the next (bigger) town to run our errands and do our socializing.

I took Winter out of her crate as we got in line at the drive-thru so she could watch and see what was going on.

“Mom, why is you up-side down?”

The next drive-thru so I could get a yummy garden burger. Sorry Winter, you get puppy food for lunch while I run into the grocery store.

Then we headed out to Auntie Karen’s house.

“Mom, it’s a dinosaur!”

“Two dinosaurs!”

Later I had to quickly “rescue” Winter as she happily ran to meet her new friend (the rooster) because he was quickly coming towards her in (almost) attack mode.

Winter met Sam the Bulldog.

And Winter met Winter (her namesake), a very special, senior Border Collie mix. 

Winter also met Rags, the Calico kitty.

And we hung out there until it was time to pick up the girls from the groomer. I wasn’t able to get “after” pictures of them because it was getting dark.

But I got a few pictures the next more of a freshly groomed Raven and Lyric when they went out to potty and exercise in the morning.

And then I had to take more pictures of some more of the crew. 🙂



Sundae and Sage



Silly sisters!

Hazel, Lyric, Cami and Joy

Dancing Cami!

Sage (photobombing), Smudgie and Sasha.

Thursday it was back to town with three more dogs….

Scruffles (the grand-dog) got groomed before the kids headed out on their next travel assignment.

Toby our resident Cavapoo.

And our young, handsome Poodle, Bonus.

Now I’m all up-to-date on “groomed” dogs. The “queen” (aka Reba) I will do here. And the Cavaliers since they are just brushed out and bathed. And our two current moms, Amber and Lucy will go for professional pampering after their pups are weaned. It’s so nice when they all look pretty and freshly groomed!

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  1. Didi says:

    Winter is adorable! Didn’t see my Hope !!
    Happy snow, Didi

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