Little differences

We had some more play and explore time in the living room this morning while I changed the bed and litter box for the pups.

(And changed Lucy’s bed and did ENS with the Poodle pups. What’s ENS? ) Here’s another blog post that explains it.

I could see a bit more confidence in most of the pups just from yesterday to today. For those that don’t know, it is normal for puppies to go through some fear periods. I always tend to see some of this type of behavior somewhere between three to about four and a half weeks of age.

Usually in each litter we have one puppy that is the most outgoing, adventurous, the first out the door and into things. If you’ve watched the videos of these puppies, you can see that this describes Myrrh.

Then we have the other end of the spectrum; the puppy that holds back, seems “unsure” of new things and takes a while before they “dive in” to anything new. By-the-way when you see this puppy at four to five weeks and think “Oh, no that puppy is shy and scared. I don’t want that one.” By the time this more reserved puppy is eight weeks old you will see it crazily playing like the rest of the group. It will hardly look like the same puppy as it did at a younger age. It will just probably end up being the more laid back, “think before I dive in” type of puppy, but just as fun and friendly as the rest. I would say right now that Frankie is this pup.

The rest of a litter will fall in the “middle of the pack” between the above two bookends that I just described. That’s where I would place Angel, Star and Goldie. And if I were to put them in any order today (this can change), I would put Angel as the most outgoing, then Star, then Goldie who is a bit quieter like Frankie. Like I said, this is what I’m seeing right now and that could change. And also as I mentioned by the time any of these pups are seven to eight weeks old they will all be active, silly and playful! Just wait and see, 😉

I snapped some quick pictures this morning with my hubby’s camera before he ran out the door for town since mine was full! (again…) Sorry some are not super clear.



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  1. Lisa D Greer says:

    These pups are so precious. It is very interesting hearing about their different personalities, and learning what you see now.

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